Consultation for New Car Sales Department

Effectively running new car sales department can bring trades, some nice co-op money, helps your service department with PDIs, potential service customers and some nice gross profit. Unfortunately most new car managers don’t manage their inventory properly and let their new cars age like used cars! Sometimes ordering wrong cars from manufacturer creates this aging issue. Have you ever had a problem with new cars in the past? How did it effect your bottom line? Contact us today, we can show you how you can stop this problem before it even begins.

  • Train new car managers to effectively monitor their inventory.
  • Train new car managers to effectively desk deals.
  • Improve new car sales numbers through appraising more cars.
  • Demonstrate the importance of effectively merchandising cars online as well as on the lot.
  • Improve gross profit by effectively providing payments.
  • Demonstrate the importance of having a short sales process as well as using it religously.
  • Improve the quality of test drives by having a test drive route.
  • Help you to maximize your co-op dollars.
  • Help you merchandise new car inventory online.
  • Demonstrate you the benefit of pulling leases early and do lease renewals.
  • Establish and implement Auto Alert system to maximize lease renewals.

Some of the dealership tools we use to succeed

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Mazda of Stoney Creek is happy to announce that they are the Number 1 Certified Pre-Owned Mazda dealership in Canada in the month of August. According to Mazda Canada's monthly ranking report 53 total deliveries were 15% of all the certified pre-owned Mazdas sold in Canada. This was a great success from a mid-sized dealership, which is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Dealer principal Hossein Totonchian said "This is the whole new way of buying a car, first price best price no games'' Mazda of Stoney Creek also excels in Customer Satisfaction Index and as well has a respectable 4.5 stars in Google reviews. MSC also has been helping people with challenged credit through its subsidiary Credit Car Zone. Hossein Totonchian also said ''our partnership with Toronto Auto Consulting helped us achieve this success.''

We Can Provide all these services to existing car dealerships, new owners or for your future dealership projects.