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Car Dealership Digital Advertising and Marketing Services in Toronto, Ontario

Laser targeted display campaigns

Optimize your website for search engines. (SEO)

This is by far the best service we provide with highest ROI.

Create Facebook advertising campaigns

We can create specifically targeted campaigns or target your existing database.

Monitor your spending dollars

We can monitor your advertising spending dollars and maximize ROI.

Put a banner in your competition's showroom

By utilizing our laser target display campaigns we have ability to target customer's mobile device while they are in your competition's showroom and show them your ads.

Create Google Adwords campaigns

We can create search, display and retargeting campaigns with adwords or googleads

Create Native advertising campaigns

Using state of art DSP we can create amazing native campaigns and bring the right traffic to your website.

Monitor google analytics

By monitoring and creating goals on your analytics account we can precisely track where your leads are coming from.

create organic content

With help of our automotive blog writers we can help you build successful blogs for organic content to create traffic.


Have you ever tried digital advertising? Have you ever checked your website's traffic? How about the bounce rates? How about where your traffic is coming from? Do you know the difference between organic traffic and paid traffic? Does your Google Adwords campaign work? How can you trust a digital marketing agency with no car selling experience? Most self proclaimed digital marketing agency employees have no experience selling cars, most of them haven't even purchased vehicles in their lifetime. As Toronto Auto Consulting we have over 50 years combined vehicle selling experience in retail environment. We create our campaigns based on real life scenarios. Since we have retailed over thousands of vehicles, we know how a typical buyer reacts today.We combine our vehicle selling experience with digital marketing practices and use state of art platforms. Most agencies simply go and create Facebook campaigns which can be done by anybody. We have partnered up with ad exchanges which allow us to access 100% of available digital ads. Don't forget Google Adwords and Facebook are only 30% of the available ad spaces online. We can show you what to watch and see if you get the service you are paying for. We can show you how it would benefit your bottom line on your financial statement.


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