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Buying used cars from franchised dealerships vs private sellers

Are you looking to purchase a used car? Have you made the decision of what route you’re going to take? Are you planning to stop at a used car dealer or purchase from a private party? Are you aware of the distinctions amongst the two? When you come to a decision to purchase a used car, you have the option to purchase from either a used car dealership or a private party. Usually, purchasing a used car from a dealer is a lot less stressful on the consumer’s end. This is due to the fact that on average the dealer takes care of all the details involved with buying the car, such as paperwork). But with private sellers in regards to sales, this means you and the seller must handle the whole deal yourselves. But, you also have the option (which can be simpler) to consult a price you want with a private party, particularly if they are urgent to sell.


In regards to dealers, they are OMVIC regulated and private sellers are not. A major advantage and good reason to purchase a used car from a dealership provide you with additional legal protection versus purchasing from a private seller. For instance, due to the rigorous laws dealerships must go after, there’s a less chance that you will go through any setbacks. A downfall with going with a dealership is that you must associate with a specialized sales team and they tend to get assertive as they repeatedly focus and rely on sales commissions. In addition, salespeople may not be looking at your best interest and what you had hoped to purchase. This is because they have the aim to formulate the sale so they can gain their commission.

Private Sellers

Now looking at private sellers, an advantage to using them is that they tend to utilize the blue book” value (usually from what is called the Kelley Blue Book, to establish their asking price. In fact, the KBB is well known as an exceptional tool for determining the accurate price of a used car. To conclude, a downfall with private sellers is that you won’t be given a warranty on the car. Many, private sellers sell their used cars as they are, which leaves you with the risk that you’ll have to handle any issues that arise.

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