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Car Biz Insider feat Jerry Gerken Ep#8

Car Biz Insider feat Jerry Gerken Ep#8 – (Automotive Podcast)

Jerry Gerken is a true automotive veteran. He is currently running Six Figure Sales Coaching company and also a Sales Professional at Taylor Kia of Findlay in Ohio. Jerry Gerken also served in the USMC and was a wrestler.

We will be talking about Jerry’s sales process and have some great conversation about car business.

Please join our conversation on Wednesday, March 9th at 11am EST. We will be streaming live on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and hope to connect with you.

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Car Biz Insider is an automotive podcast hosted weekly by Jon Toker, who is an automotive consultant for franchised car dealerships and OEMs. Jon Toker currently owns and operates Toronto Auto Consulting in Ontario, Canada.

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