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Car Biz Insider ep#2

Car Biz Insider featuring Richard Davies Ep #2 – Midland Honda

Car Biz Insider featuring Richard Davies Ep #2 Automotive Podcast

 Today we will be hosting the automotive expert Richard Davies. Richard will be joining from beautiful Midland, Ontario. Richard is the current GM and Operating Partner of Midland Honda. Richard and Peter broke the ground for the new Midland Honda right after Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic. Richard will share an amazing success story during extremely tough times. 

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Midland Honda, 947 Jones Rd, Midland, ON L4R 0G1 

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00:00:30 Jon Toker

Hi everybody, this is your host Jon Toker from Car Biz Insider.

00:00:34 Jon Toker

I have an amazing guest with me here today.

00:00:36 Jon Toker

Richard Davies from Midland Honda.

00:00:38 Jon Toker

Hi Richard, how are you doing today?

00:00:40 Richard Davies

Dan, good morning John.

00:00:41 Richard Davies

I’m doing great.

00:00:42 Richard Davies

Thank you for.

00:00:42 Richard Davies

Having me on.

00:00:43 Jon Toker

It’s my pleasure, Richard.

00:00:45 Jon Toker

You know it’s a.

00:00:46 Jon Toker

It’s such an honor to have you in the in the second show so.

00:00:50 Jon Toker

Why don’t we just jump right in?

00:00:52 Jon Toker

Uh, why don’t you talk about yourself a little bit?

00:00:54 Jon Toker

Who’s Richard Davies?

00:00:55 Jon Toker

What does he do?

00:00:56 Jon Toker

You know all that good stuff.

00:00:58 Richard Davies

Yeah, I’m glad I’m happy to do that, John.

00:01:00 Richard Davies

So I’m the general manager at Midland Honda.

00:01:02 Richard Davies

Also, the operating partner of the dealership we’ve been at this new location for a year now, which I’m sure we’re going to talk about shortly, but we’ve owned Midland Honda for six years now.

00:01:13 Richard Davies

I’ve personally been in the car industry for coming up to almost hard to believe 34 years and I started off in the Ford world down in Hamilton and then many years ago I decided to move up to Midland with some opportunities and we bought the franchise.

00:01:26 Richard Davies

So here we are at 2022 and a brand.

00:01:28 Richard Davies

New facility, that’s a

00:01:30 Richard Davies

A short synopsis of who I am and then in that.


Or another.

00:01:34 Jon Toker

That’s amazing.

00:01:36 Jon Toker

You know, Richard, I had a pleasure to work with you for the past three years, so and I, I see the evolvement of the dealership from that old store to the brand-new store, so why don’t I play the video of the drone footage of your brand-new dealership and show people what you guys have done with Peter, right?

00:01:46 Speaker 1


00:01:55 Jon Toker

With your partner and it’s one of the nicest Honda dealerships in the country.

00:01:59 Jon Toker

And it’s the greenest one of the greenest.

00:02:01 Jon Toker

Too right like?

00:02:02 Jon Toker

You guys have a lot of greens.

00:02:02 Richard Davies

Well, we just got awarded the gold level environmental standard from Honda Canada and I believe there’s only nine dealers in the country that have that award.

00:02:11 Richard Davies

Right now John and I.

00:02:12 Richard Davies

Think I’m one of only very few in Ontario that have it, so we’re.

00:02:14 Richard Davies

Very proud to have.

00:02:15 Richard Davies

That award you know, and that that’s based on how we design the building efficiencies we design within the building and.

00:02:22 Richard Davies

We’re very proud.

00:02:23 Jon Toker

That’s amazing, so I’ll play the video, let people see what the new Midland Honda looks like so we can do our digital opening of the dealership, and then you can talk about more of that green technological features you guys added into the dealership.

00:02:38 Jon Toker

I’m sure people would like to know like what is so special about it to get that.

00:02:41 Jon Toker

Gold standard, right?

00:02:43 Richard Davies

Yep 100%.

00:02:44 Jon Toker

In fact, so here’s the drone footage and hopefully people can watch it good.

00:02:53 Jon Toker

If not, you guys can always go on YouTube and look for it, but let me play it for you.

00:02:58 Richard Davies

And this was done last.

00:03:00 Richard Davies

This would have been in the.

00:03:01 Richard Davies

Spring of last year.

00:03:02 Richard Davies

We did this footage John.

00:03:03 Jon Toker

Oh nice.

00:03:06 Jon Toker

So let’s play this.

00:04:50 Jon Toker

That looks so amazing, isn’t it?

00:04:51 Richard Davies

And what did you think about John?

00:04:53 Jon Toker

Well, I I I, I respect a person who is flying the drone because they did a perfect job like.

00:05:00 Jon Toker

What kind of drone is that?

00:05:02 Richard Davies

It’s a it’s a I couldn’t tell you the brand of it, but it’s a semi professional level drone.

00:05:07 Richard Davies

But one needs a professional licensed.

00:05:09 Richard Davies

Actually you have flight in in Canada, so the marketing manager Kim who has been with us this over a year now, she’s got a license to fly a drone legally.

00:05:18 Richard Davies

And there’s a lot of things that.

00:05:19 Richard Davies

One has to.

00:05:20 Richard Davies

Take into effect for our safety right?

00:05:22 Richard Davies

So she did a great job and this is something our staff we’re using for a lot of marketing.

00:05:27 Richard Davies

In the dealership above the dealership.

00:05:29 Richard Davies

You see it all.

00:05:29 Richard Davies

We do a lot of things.

00:05:30 Richard Davies

You’re just getting a small taste of it in that video.

00:05:33 Jon Toker

So Richard, so when you were putting that job offer there, you put, uh, like a drone license requirement requirements.

00:05:38 Richard Davies

Yeah, you, you, you laugh.

00:05:40 Richard Davies

She came here with none of that knowledge but we bought the drone with those some visions of let’s take advantage of this beautiful new facility and show it off.

00:05:47 Richard Davies

And the license wasn’t difficult to apply for.

00:05:51 Richard Davies

We just had to do the test and learn a little bit about it and she she.

00:05:54 Richard Davies

She did that when she started with us.

00:05:56 Jon Toker

That’s that’s really nice, so.

00:05:58 Jon Toker

Why don’t we talk about that green features of your dealership?

00:06:02 Jon Toker

Like how did you become the gold?

00:06:03 Jon Toker

Standard like what did you do to do that?

00:06:04 Richard Davies

Well yeah, it’s a great question John.

00:06:06 Richard Davies

You know Honda has multiple pages of standards, 1 needs to to hit to to get to their goal.

00:06:13 Richard Davies

Double standard and that starts with it’s everything from materials in the building wall materials.

00:06:19 Richard Davies

You know insulation, the heating air conditioning units in the building are designed for efficiency.

00:06:24 Richard Davies

So we we upgraded to better units versus maybe a lower standard unit so that we.

00:06:28 Richard Davies

Have higher efficiency within the building lighting the entire building inside the outside.

00:06:35 Richard Davies

All the lights outside all LED.

00:06:38 Richard Davies

Water flow in the building what how we use water is all controlled properly.

00:06:44 Richard Davies

In regards to lighting, you know everything is electronically controlled, so we’re not wasting electric.

00:06:48 Richard Davies

City we have something called these stratification fans in the in the ventilation system that control flow, so especially in the winter time you know as heat rises and it’s in it gets trapped up in the ceiling of the shop and then the show does nothing.

00:07:03 Richard Davies

So these destratification fans pull the heat from the ceiling down to the main floor.

00:07:08 Richard Davies

You get two things.

00:07:09 Richard Davies

From it

00:07:10 Richard Davies

You’re reduced heating bill ’cause you don’t have to have the heat blowing full blast, and you’re taking that heat and recirculating it all day long and you have a balanced heating area in the shop.

00:07:21 Richard Davies

So from one end of the.

00:07:22 Richard Davies

Building to the other, the temperature is neutral and you don’t get a cold air or hot area, and it’s quite a remarkable technology that runs on virtually a very low voltage.

00:07:32 Richard Davies

And it’s something we we picked up out of California when we were designing the building going to NAD we saw these and we were quite, you know, allowed by them and they’ve really worked out and people have come through the building, have seen them and it’s a big part of that environmental thing.

00:07:46 Richard Davies

And there’s a lot of little things.

00:07:48 Richard Davies

But you know everything from the bathrooms, how we don’t leave that you know all automatic lighting in the shop lighting.

00:07:54 Richard Davies

There’s a lot.

00:07:55 Richard Davies

Of little things that add up, and certainly these, these apply and that got us to a gold level with wonderful news.

00:08:02 Richard Davies

We’re only probably the better part of two or three small changes, and we can be a platinum level dealer in the short in the near future.

00:08:08 Richard Davies

And we aim to do that.

00:08:10 Jon Toker

That’s that’s that’s amazing.

00:08:12 Jon Toker

Uh, but you?

00:08:13 Jon Toker

Didn’t have to do any of those things right.

00:08:15 Jon Toker

It was just you were voluntarily did all these.

00:08:17 Jon Toker

Things to be a green dealer basically right?

00:08:17 Richard Davies

Yeah, yeah, you know, my business partner Peter and I.

00:08:20 Richard Davies

You know with Pete and I, every decision we make together and and these things were something we designed in the building with our architect and the contractor.

00:08:27 Richard Davies

And when you’re building a new store, it doesn’t take that much more.

00:08:31 Richard Davies

Effort and certainly money to add these features in it over the long haul.

00:08:36 Richard Davies

They will save us money and I think it’s a wonderful thing to spell to customers that we show that we care and it’s everything.

00:08:42 Richard Davies

We don’t waste batteries. We have special, you know, inside the building when there are batteries, everything from you know AA AAA batteries. We just don’t throw in the.

00:08:49 Richard Davies

Garbage they recycled properly.

00:08:51 Richard Davies

Paper is recycled.

00:08:52 Richard Davies

Uh, we we take a lot of a lot of time so that we don’t waste anything in the building.

00:08:57 Richard Davies

So and I think customers pick up on it.

00:08:59 Richard Davies

’cause we talk.

00:09:00 Speaker 1

About it

00:09:01 Jon Toker

Yeah, and also in when we talk about paperwork and you know car dealerships or places that we waste a lot of paper.

00:09:07 Jon Toker

I know your dealership embraced the DocuSign process pretty good, so everything could be done electronically which complements your trucking delivery process as well.

00:09:15 Jon Toker

So somebody sitting at home can purchase a car, electronically, complete the paperwork and all that stuff too, right?

00:09:21 Richard Davies

Yeah, well we’re finding is, you know we got on the truck and trailer delivery five years ago.

00:09:25 Richard Davies

John, I know.

00:09:26 Richard Davies

I’ve, you know.

00:09:26 Richard Davies

I’ve had some great conversations about it, but something I learned that through Amazon we paid attention to that, and there’s something Peter and I we wanted to bring to that.

00:09:34 Richard Davies

Dealership and and five years of doing deliveries all over the province.

00:09:38 Richard Davies

And there’s something we do.

00:09:39 Richard Davies

Complimentary with customers.

00:09:40 Richard Davies

It’s had a real wow effect.

00:09:42 Richard Davies

We’ve had experience for people from Windsor to Sioux Saint Marie to we’ve delivered cars to the border of Ottawa, Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek Stone, you know, Niagara Falls Toronto.

00:09:54 Richard Davies

Almost evening, the place in the in the in the province we’ve delivered cars new used and then what we find is between DocuSign and the truck and trailer delivery.

00:10:04 Richard Davies

The experience of the customer certainly goes above what they’ve ever had before.

00:10:09 Richard Davies

And when you show up to someone’s house with the truck insurance or our name all over it, it’s not just them you wow. The neighbors are blown away. You know they’re coming out asking questions.

00:10:19 Richard Davies

Do you guys do this with all?

00:10:20 Richard Davies

Your customers you know the car shows up perfectly clean, no dance, no damage, no cracked windshield.

00:10:25 Richard Davies

The middle of January and and it’s something that I can only tell you.

00:10:29 Richard Davies

It’s really paid for itself.

00:10:30 Richard Davies

We’ve we’ve learned business on social media for people who’ve watched the videos and then call us out of the blue and then wait.

00:10:36 Richard Davies

Can I buy a car?

00:10:36 Richard Davies

For you and deliver it to my front door.

00:10:38 Richard Davies

We do it with us.

00:10:39 Richard Davies

Smile and we’ve got a great team of people.

00:10:41 Richard Davies

It’s a process that took us a little bit of time to get strong at between drivers.

00:10:45 Richard Davies

The staff the F and I manager is organizing it now.

00:10:48 Richard Davies

It’s a really slick process.

00:10:51 Jon Toker

Should we show the?

00:10:52 Jon Toker

The viewers we got about 14 live viewers right now.

00:10:55 Jon Toker

Should we show them the video that how you guys do that?

00:10:58 Richard Davies

I think would be a wonderful idea, yeah?

00:11:00 Jon Toker

I just want to make sure I don’t want to share all your trade secrets with everybody, right?

00:11:05 Richard Davies

It’s all good.

00:11:06 Jon Toker

Perfect, so let’s get truck and trailer.

00:11:10 Jon Toker

It’s a complementary service again.

00:11:13 Jon Toker

This video can be watched on YouTube as well, but I think that you guys are doing by the way, the video quality of that drone is is just phenomenal.

00:11:23 Jon Toker

Richard, yeah.

00:11:23 Richard Davies

It is, isn’t it?

00:11:24 Richard Davies

That’s about.

00:11:25 Richard Davies

$1000 drone John? That’s what that cost. You know it’s something, and if you take care of, it’s going to last for many years.

00:11:31 Richard Davies

And it does.

00:11:32 Richard Davies

A job, it’s not something you have to keep updating ’cause it does a wonderful job between the video and it’s very stable.

00:11:37 Richard Davies

In crosswinds we get a lot of winds up here in mid.

00:11:40 Richard Davies

So it’s telling me since the winds blow it all over the place, you need to buy a decent one, a cheap one.

00:11:45 Richard Davies

You’re going to find that it’s going to.

00:11:46 Richard Davies

We tried the cheapie.

00:11:47 Richard Davies

$200 job and then just got blown all over the place.

00:11:50 Jon Toker

Yeah, well, I’m gonna play the video.

00:11:53 Jon Toker

Let’s see our viewers think, but again, it’s just beautiful.

00:13:00 Jon Toker

This is amazing.

00:13:02 Richard Davies

What do you think about John?

00:13:03 Richard Davies

That’s that’s that’s a nice version of it, but certainly you know when we do a real demonstration with people.

00:13:03 Speaker 1

Oh yeah.

00:13:09 Richard Davies

Everybody welcome to the all.

00:13:11 Richard Davies

Separate video, you know it’s all good.


All new Midland on a.


YouTube channel here.

00:13:15 Speaker 1

Where is oops.


Trying to make this.

00:13:18 Jon Toker

Isn’t your mechanic too?

00:13:20 Jon Toker

He’s a.

00:13:20 Jon Toker

He’s a pretty solid guy like he likes making those videos about those cars too.

00:13:25 Richard Davies

Yeah, very special person.

00:13:26 Richard Davies

We’ve again in those deliveries.

00:13:28 Richard Davies

John I can’t tell him how much business we’ve earned.

00:13:30 Richard Davies

I’ve done multiple deliveries myself where you know, as a team there’s almost no job.

00:13:34 Richard Davies

None of the people in the store will do, but I’ve done those deliveries to people all over the province myself when they when necessary, ’cause the drivers are busy and I can’t tell you the thank yous you get and the smiles and customers are blown away.

00:13:46 Richard Davies

They’re not, they don’t experience it and or haven’t experienced it before, so it’s helped us get deals that we didn’t have before.

00:13:52 Richard Davies

It’s yeah, there you go.

00:13:53 Richard Davies

It’s a trade.

00:13:53 Richard Davies

But you know, I would tell you we sold a lot of cars and we punched above our weight by doing those things that nobody else.

00:14:00 Richard Davies

There were very few other people want to do, right?

00:14:02 Jon Toker

So here’s my question. Like let’s say I live in Ontario. Pretty much, you know, along the 4:01 or wherever right, like not like somewhere like Thunder Bay or something really far. But like within that you know.

00:14:13 Jon Toker

Southern Ontario right?

00:14:15 Jon Toker

I wanna buy a car and you have it in stock.

00:14:18 Jon Toker

I can contact you.

00:14:20 Jon Toker

I can basically buy the car and complete the paperwork and you will just make sure my identity is correct and you do all your like you know basics.

00:14:28 Jon Toker

Right I I can get the card without stepping foot.

00:14:31 Jon Toker

Your store basically is that what you’re saying?

00:14:33 Richard Davies

Yeah, I’m expansion so that the deal could actually.

00:14:35 Richard Davies

Start by a nanny.

00:14:36 Richard Davies

Lead or a phone call whatever way the customer wants to do a transaction transaction.

00:14:41 Richard Davies

‘s done whether with a salesperson directly online, whatever.

00:14:44 Richard Davies

We can put a deal together the the paperwork is done digitally with the F and I manager and we’re doing a DocuSign.

00:14:51 Richard Davies

We’re delivering the car we’ve had.

00:14:52 Richard Davies

Many situations during COVID where the people don’t actually want to come out to the car when they bring it to the house.

00:14:57 Richard Davies

So we we unload the car, bring it in, and if they’re very sensitive, we’ll actually, you know, leave the keys in the paper itself.

00:15:04 Richard Davies

And transactions easy.

00:15:06 Richard Davies

And the people absolutely love it.

00:15:07 Richard Davies

I can think of two or three situations where the people were elderly health issues and they were over the moon.

00:15:13 Richard Davies

You know we sanitized the vehicle and drop off and and we’ve had nothing.

00:15:17 Richard Davies

But positive results from it.

00:15:20 Jon Toker

Well, that’s that’s really a good topic to talk because everybody is a, uh, you know everybody is trying to do this.

00:15:28 Jon Toker

You know about purchasing cars online and it’s a big topic to talk about it and a lot of people are actually criticizing car dealerships, saying they’re not capable of doing that, but just letting you know that Richard.

00:15:39 Jon Toker

Is capable of doing this and.

00:15:41 Jon Toker

And if you want to purchase a car online and you want to get it done, contact Midland Honda and they will sort you out no problem.

00:15:50 Jon Toker

It’s amazing.

00:15:51 Richard Davies

And we’ve been doing the get down.

00:15:52 Richard Davies

Route outside the.

00:15:53 Richard Davies

Docu sandwiches nude like the last 24 months we’ve been doing this kind of business for the last again five years and it really does have a positive effect on the store.

00:16:02 Jon Toker

That’s good, uh, so let’s get into some, uh, I want to say difficult topics, but let’s talk about serious business now.

00:16:12 Jon Toker

I know you guys started your construction of your dealership right and I was in the works you guys were talking about it.

00:16:18 Jon Toker

The plans were in place.

00:16:21 Jon Toker

And two years ago Bang, the COVID-19 hit and you guys haven’t broke the ground yet.

00:16:28 Jon Toker

Would you tell me about your experience building a brand new flagship store during something has never happened in car business before?

00:16:36 Richard Davies

Well, yeah, I know I’ll tell you how it really went down jump. You know we started the build in the December of 2019 and we actually got the foundations in the ground in the end of December.

00:16:49 Richard Davies

And then you know steel quality for the framework of the building started going up in February of 2020, and then what hit in March.

00:16:57 Richard Davies

John, we’ve got the framework of a building out, nothing else, and then middle of March we have COVID-19 kit.

00:17:02 Richard Davies

Again, and what ended up happening was is Peter and I sat in front of the contractor and the architect and say we were terrified like everyone going.

00:17:09 Richard Davies

What do we do next as it is?

00:17:10 Richard Davies

At the end of the world, in the car industry.

00:17:13 Richard Davies

There’s no choice because if we would have stopped the build, the contractor or the people that already being paid or contracted to do the work, all the SUBTRADES would have been massive lawsuits against Peter and I for a non completion and it would have been massive.

00:17:26 Richard Davies

We had no choice.

00:17:27 Richard Davies

It was terrifying.

00:17:28 Richard Davies

So was keep going.

00:17:29 Richard Davies

We’d already got the wheels moving and we we.

00:17:32 Richard Davies

Built all through.

00:17:32 Richard Davies

COVID-19 meanwhile.

00:17:34 Richard Davies

Trying to run the old building.

00:17:36 Richard Davies

Well, helter Skelter crazy world is going on with COVID-19 and you know the contractor.

00:17:42 Richard Davies

We had our.

00:17:43 Richard Davies

Stumbling points, but outside maybe a the two week window and COVID first kicked in the middle of March.

00:17:49 Richard Davies

We were closed and she shut down there.

00:17:50 Richard Davies

There the contract site the construction site I should say we got reopened and the contractors.

00:17:56 Richard Davies

We’re excited to keep going.

00:17:57 Richard Davies

And we really didn’t have any problems.

00:18:00 Richard Davies

We were very lucky and we were lucky a little bit on pricing because everything has been established before.

00:18:05 Richard Davies

You know, as we’ve seen, inflation with COVID-19 will really take off, and it really worked out to our advantage a little bit and not respect not a good time ideally, I know, but we got. We got the building done. We got it done in 12 months, John.

00:18:18 Richard Davies

From where we started and you know, basically the first week of December we completed the following year 12 months to build it, and the contractor didn’t.

00:18:27 Richard Davies

Think it would happen, but we got it done.

00:18:31 Jon Toker

Well, I I respect.

00:18:33 Jon Toker

That because you guys build that.

00:18:35 Jon Toker

During something has never happened in car business, it’s it’s very uncertain times, but.

00:18:42 Jon Toker

I mean, I don’t want to get into too much details about your KPIs and your numbers of your dealership because that wouldn’t be fair, but my understanding is even though omvic basically didn’t allow you to have any walking traffic and everything was basically appointments.

00:18:56 Jon Toker

Yeah, your results for 2020 and 2021 were remarkable, so would you like to share about your results compared to the previous years?

00:19:04 Jon Toker

And how did you guys?

00:19:06 Jon Toker

Manage to have a success like that, like what did you guys do when you’re not allowed to have any walk-ins?

00:19:11 Richard Davies

You know we really adapted them.

00:19:13 Richard Davies

You know a couple different processes we kicked in place with certainly focusing more on our own database of customers.

00:19:18 Richard Davies

You know, adapting some wonderful technologies, one being auto alert.

00:19:22 Richard Davies

You know, focusing on service customers ’cause.

00:19:26 Richard Davies

We had those people.

00:19:27 Richard Davies

Still coming in and entire seasons for us is massive.

00:19:30 Richard Davies

John, we store over 830 sets of customers tires and that’s where we’ve got 23 C containers in the back of the building, right? And that flow of business coming through?

00:19:42 Richard Davies

With auto alerts help in an internal BDC lady, we really focused on appointments so that helped us massively.

00:19:49 Richard Davies

That’s one thing you know, we went and focused a lot more time on social media with our marketing manager Kim getting people in on appointments.

00:19:58 Richard Davies

So here’s a little bit of a trip at the beginning, but we found there was a real need for cars ’cause a lot of people really still needed to get a vehicle and we didn’t see a drop.

00:20:08 Richard Davies

We were very lucky.

00:20:09 Richard Davies

Yes, there was some challenges.

00:20:11 Richard Davies

But we got through.

00:20:12 Richard Davies

We have a great team of people and that made a big.

00:20:14 Richard Davies

Difference, you know we buckled down.

00:20:16 Richard Davies

There was nowhere really to run.

00:20:17 Richard Davies

We had walked into a brand new building with the and I don’t mind telling you a massive expenses.

00:20:23 Richard Davies

But we, you know, we’ve we’ve fought the battle we’ve we’ve had.

00:20:27 Richard Davies

I’d like to think a lot of success, John, you know, in a lot of ways I think we punch above our weight in a relatively small market, but we don’t look at Midland as our only market.

00:20:36 Richard Davies

There is almost no walls, you know the the province of Ontario is our market so and we try going after that.

00:20:43 Richard Davies

Business with some of the tools we’ve talked about.

00:20:47 Jon Toker

So in terms of your volume of new cars, uh, how was?

00:20:52 Jon Toker

How did you guys see any drop?

00:20:54 Jon Toker

Or did you guys see an increase or or maintain it anything?

00:20:58 Richard Davies

There’s a wonderful.

00:20:59 Richard Davies

Question, yeah, for 2020 inventory levels were really strong. I think everyone was in.

00:21:03 Richard Davies

The same boat.

00:21:04 Richard Davies

It’s just as COVID-19 went through the year and then in the 2021 yes, inventory levels drop.

00:21:10 Richard Davies

But with a lot of support from the manufacturer, as in Honda Canada, when we were building the new store, Peter and I requested a lot of inventory, which at the time when COVID hit we were terrified because we were sitting at eight and a half $1,000,000 in new cars. Thinking have we done the right thing?

00:21:28 Richard Davies

’cause it could have went the other way.

00:21:30 Richard Davies

It could have been a who would think that.

00:21:32 Richard Davies

In the middle.

00:21:32 Richard Davies

Of a.

00:21:33 Richard Davies

Pandemic that you would have a situation where.


Soft the showroom.

00:21:36 Richard Davies

You know we’d sell a lot of.

00:21:38 Richard Davies

Cars you can’t tell, so when it happened is we had product.

00:21:42 Richard Davies

We’ve had product right up till today where a lot of stores are struggling to have one or two or three cars on the lot.

00:21:48 Richard Davies

We’re still sitting just in the low 30s, which isn’t great John in January, but it’s better than most and without new cars you can’t bring in used cars.

00:21:57 Richard Davies

It’s a it’s a flow, right?

00:21:59 Richard Davies

The cars.

00:21:59 Richard Davies

Come on trade through your front door.

00:22:01 Richard Davies

Those are often your best cars versus trying to salvage something through auctions, right?

00:22:06 Jon Toker

Yeah, completely agree with you that you know a new car dealership must sell new cars.

00:22:12 Jon Toker

That’s the prime goal always.

00:22:14 Jon Toker

Yes, it’s good to have used cars too.

00:22:16 Jon Toker

It’s just you gotta sell that new car for various reasons.

00:22:20 Jon Toker


00:22:20 Jon Toker

Bringing used cars, tradings and service business parts, business and.

00:22:26 Jon Toker

You actually your dealership.

00:22:27 Jon Toker

Is not that far from the factory to where they build the civics in CRV so they may be shipping all the cars.

00:22:33 Richard Davies

It might help us say John, yeah, I’d like to think that way, but I’m sure we get our we don’t get anymore.

00:22:33 Speaker 1


00:22:38 Richard Davies

We get our fair share from.

00:22:39 Richard Davies

The factory, along with their other fellow.

00:22:41 Richard Davies

Dealers in the.

00:22:41 Richard Davies

Province right, and in fact the country.

00:22:43 Richard Davies

But we were lucky we we stocked up way. I probably asked for more than we should have in, you know 2020 and then even in early 2021 we just took.

00:22:53 Richard Davies

Every allocation we could get from our good people at Honda Canada and it worked.

00:22:57 Richard Davies

We got lucky and lucky sometimes good.

00:22:59 Richard Davies

You know you’ll take lucky sometimes over you know.

00:23:02 Richard Davies

Some other things, but the good luck is always appreciated in these situations.

00:23:07 Jon Toker

I always believe you have.

00:23:09 Jon Toker

Some sort of impact on creating your own luck with the good processes and policies in place too, right?

00:23:15 Richard Davies

You know, I think that it’s the old saying, you know, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

00:23:20 Richard Davies

John, I don’t think that’s ever changed.

00:23:21 Richard Davies

I think that between Peter myself, but it’s not just us.

00:23:24 Richard Davies

Forget that it’s the team of.

00:23:25 Richard Davies

People we have here the whole staff.

00:23:27 Richard Davies

I’ve looked so hard it’s hard to describe in a new building.

00:23:31 Richard Davies

Brought a lot of excitement.

00:23:32 Richard Davies

But it brought a lot of.

00:23:34 Richard Davies

Change the first month or two in the store.

00:23:37 Richard Davies

We brought a lot of huge emotional highs and then kind of plateaued and then a dip and then all of a sudden realization that everyone felt wow.

00:23:44 Richard Davies

It’s a beautiful place, but now that comes responsibility of success and we’ve got there.

00:23:50 Richard Davies

We’ve got a great team of people between the service team I have here, which are amazing.

00:23:54 Richard Davies

The the sales team.

00:23:55 Richard Davies

My accounting team.

00:23:57 Richard Davies

The marketing team we you know we.

00:23:59 Richard Davies

Are very lucky.

00:24:00 Richard Davies

It’s not just one or two people in the building, it’s not.

00:24:02 Richard Davies

It’s the whole team.

00:24:05 Jon Toker

So what do you think are your main current challenges being in a small town and like in terms of like, what would you say your main challenges that you’re going through right now?

00:24:17 Richard Davies

What a wonderful question you put me on the spot on mountain, but got me thinking, John, I I start with the team, the staff.

00:24:25 Richard Davies

You know, in a small town and what we find in Central Ontario is, there’s a lack of population.

00:24:30 Richard Davies

John, there’s a lot of wonderful folks that live in there, but they’re retired.

00:24:35 Richard Davies

They’re not looking for jobs.

00:24:36 Richard Davies

Usually it’s finding that young person that wants to come into the industry right now, whether that’s a technician, apprentice, parts person.

00:24:45 Richard Davies

Service advisor, you know sales professional.

00:24:48 Richard Davies

We were challenged to find good people.

00:24:51 Richard Davies

They’re out there, but they’re far and few between.

00:24:53 Richard Davies

We find in this small town you know, coming from Hamilton, that’s my background I found that’s the hardest thing to learn to get good at, and we’ve had our ups.

00:25:02 Richard Davies

We’ve had her down and I won’t, I won’t.

00:25:04 Richard Davies

Claudia, but I would tell you that’s a big issue because if you don’t have a great team, the building.

00:25:09 Richard Davies

Means nothing.

00:25:10 Richard Davies

That’s the truth.

00:25:10 Richard Davies

You could have the fanciest building in the world, but if you have a very, you know a staff that’s not.

00:25:17 Richard Davies

You know, buying in or not not seeing things from the same point of view of customer service.

00:25:22 Richard Davies

It makes for a very long day.

00:25:24 Richard Davies

It really.

00:25:24 Richard Davies

Does and I’m you know, Peter and I.

00:25:27 Richard Davies

Are very lucky we don’t have.

00:25:28 Richard Davies

That we’ve got great people.

00:25:30 Jon Toker

So that means are you currently looking for people to work for your dealership?

00:25:34 Jon Toker

Are you hiring for positions?

00:25:35 Richard Davies

Yeah, there’s there’s a couple positions we’re looking for right now.

00:25:37 Richard Davies

We we feel like we’re sitting at three sales people right now, and that’s probably lower than what we would we envisioned when we built the store.

00:25:44 Richard Davies

We were thinking 8 sales people and I think in today’s marketplace that’s likely not going to ever happen anytime soon.

00:25:50 Richard Davies

But we’d like to get back up to four or five going into the spring market, John.

00:25:54 Richard Davies

So we’re looking for the right people that people that can understand and work on their process, not just the typical as I shall, we call it sales person life.

00:26:02 Richard Davies

And you know the salesperson today is more of a social media specialist slash customer specialist.

00:26:10 Richard Davies

See as they sell cars, but if you’re not good at the first two things, but third thing doesn’t happen, you know you don’t sell cars if you’re not strong and social media getting your face out there, and certainly customer service when we walk in the door.

00:26:22 Richard Davies

We have a lot of wow.

00:26:23 Richard Davies

It’s you know process is at the store from when we get here.

00:26:26 Richard Davies

How we meet the people, how they brought through the store and.

00:26:29 Richard Davies

Introduced our management team or sales manager Tyler and myself and our marketing manager, Kim.

00:26:35 Richard Davies

Our service manager parts manager.

00:26:37 Richard Davies

These people all in the staff alone we’re getting involved with customers at the beginning, but you need to have people that all think that way.

00:26:44 Richard Davies

So we’re definitely a position right now.

00:26:46 Richard Davies

We’re looking for those positions and we’re also looking at.

00:26:50 Richard Davies

We’ve got a BDC spot in our sales side that we’d like to grow, and we’re looking for that position in which we just posted.

00:26:55 Richard Davies

Both of these funny enough John yesterday and we are very lucky.

00:26:59 Richard Davies

We’re starting to see a lot of responses, so that tells me there’s some people looking for jobs.

00:27:04 Jon Toker

And and the other thing is, if somebody wants to search about the company before they send their red domain, they can watch a video like this and see who they’re going to be.

00:27:12 Jon Toker

Working for so I.

00:27:13 Richard Davies

So yeah.

00:27:13 Jon Toker

Think it’s pretty good, right?

00:27:15 Richard Davies

Yeah, we focus on a lot of a lot of effort on social media between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube is an area that we really see as a huge opportunity and we’re spending a lot of time there and trying to talk about our staff or store our processes in all those three.

00:27:30 Richard Davies

Those three areas, right?

00:27:31 Richard Davies

And we’ve definitely backed away from traditional advertising.

00:27:35 Richard Davies

We do.

00:27:35 Richard Davies

Nothing in newspaper or radio right now.

00:27:38 Richard Davies

Just don’t see it as a position.

00:27:40 Richard Davies

For us, John.

00:27:40 Speaker 1


00:27:41 Jon Toker

Newspaper you’re not doing newspaper.

00:27:44 Richard Davies

In this.

00:27:45 Richard Davies

Good people there, but it just doesn’t seem to work in our industry.

00:27:48 Jon Toker

You cannot track that you cannot.

00:27:50 Jon Toker

Measure that success too, right?

00:27:51 Jon Toker

Not like the digital.

00:27:52 Jon Toker

Stuff that you can see.

00:27:52 Richard Davies

Not as much, no, I mean I.

00:27:53 Jon Toker

How many people can?

00:27:54 Richard Davies

I think with all marketing there’s still.

00:27:56 Richard Davies

There’s a level of you can’t track all results.

00:27:59 Richard Davies

It’s not possible, but we certainly feel that when we’re in those marketplaces, we get people knocking on our door through social media that we wouldn’t have seen if we hadn’t been out there.

00:28:10 Jon Toker

Well Richard, I have.

00:28:12 Jon Toker

I’m going to do something different in this episode which I forgot to do in the first episode I have a brine that because it was my first one live and I was too excited to make the controls.

00:28:24 Jon Toker

I ignored the the comments and questions were coming, so I’d like to be able to take some questions.

00:28:30 Jon Toker

From our live viewers right now, if you don’t mind, uh, I got one question came from Romit which I I used to work with him.

00:28:38 Jon Toker

He was it was in the Honda Financial Services.

00:28:41 Jon Toker

It was a DRM before I think is with BMW now.

00:28:43 Jon Toker

Very successful professional.

00:28:46 Jon Toker

And I respect him a lot and he has a question.

00:28:49 Jon Toker

He says.

00:28:50 Jon Toker

What is the importance of the Community presence in a market like Midland?

00:28:55 Jon Toker

Just open that up.

00:28:57 Jon Toker

And does the digital marketplace play a role in that community engagement?

00:29:02 Jon Toker

I think it’s a phenomenal question he asked.

00:29:04 Richard Davies

Yeah, and I and I use the word.

00:29:05 Richard Davies

I’d probably take it from marketing to branding so something that will very good.

00:29:10 Richard Davies

I I believe John and then hopefully Rama can hear my words here.

00:29:13 Richard Davies

And when it comes to.

00:29:16 Richard Davies

Presence I used the word branding and before COVID-19 certainly we did a lot more in the marketplace. You know, in the first five years we were in a community we involved ourselves with so many different areas of social engagement.

00:29:31 Richard Davies

Physical engagement, that is whether it’s helping out in.

00:29:33 Richard Davies

Charities getting involved with events in the town.

00:29:37 Richard Davies

Our staff going there.

00:29:39 Richard Davies

We used our truck and trailer.

00:29:40 Richard Davies

We’ve got involved.

00:29:42 Richard Davies

We have a huge Butter Turk festival here in town which is the largest one in the in the province.

00:29:46 Richard Davies

Maybe the country I think.

00:29:47 Richard Davies

But we’d we’d be down there once a year.

00:29:50 Richard Davies

You know, meeting customers.

00:29:52 Richard Davies

We audit.

00:29:52 Richard Davies

We actually helped sell butter tarts, and we took the proceeds and we gave that to some local charities.

00:29:57 Richard Davies

Big Brothers Big Sisters you know and some other wonderful groups that deserve that money.

00:30:03 Richard Davies

And but that wasn’t the point.

00:30:04 Richard Davies

The point was to help these people, but we got involved big time.

00:30:08 Richard Davies

Meeting people 50,000 people came in the middle and every every year for that butter tart festival which is.

00:30:16 Richard Davies

Insane, it’s a massive amount of people and that’s one thing we.

00:30:20 Richard Davies

Did but there’s.

00:30:20 Richard Davies

A lot of branding things that we did, John in enrollment that we feel is definitely helped us out on the social media.

00:30:28 Richard Davies

Digital side of.

00:30:28 Richard Davies

It you know, we’re still exploring how that how that becomes something that you can do.

00:30:34 Richard Davies

How do you?

00:30:35 Richard Davies

How do you?

00:30:35 Richard Davies

Social media involve yourself with the.

00:30:37 Richard Davies

The community we’ve.

00:30:38 Richard Davies

We’ve certainly kept our involvement with some of the other charities and some other groups profession.

00:30:43 Richard Davies

Groups, but it is more challenging and I’m I’m sure Romit finding that well.

00:30:47 Richard Davies

You know, with the company he works for a little bit.

00:30:50 Richard Davies

It’s it’s very different to be honest with you, but there’s there’s definitely things that we’re doing and we’re working on in 2022 that don’t cost a lot of money. They cost more of your time, which has a value to it. We all know that.

00:31:04 Richard Davies

But I it’s.

00:31:05 Richard Davies

It’s near where I still think we’re exploring.

00:31:08 Richard Davies

If you want to know the truth, it’s branding us in those environments and in a small community like Midland, it’s massive.

00:31:15 Richard Davies

Those people here when they see us supporting them and he’d like to support us, that’s what I’ve learned in my 11 years in Midland.

00:31:21 Richard Davies

Right so.

00:31:23 Richard Davies

I hope that is fine.

00:31:24 Jon Toker

I think you did a good job, Richard.

00:31:27 Richard Davies

We’re trying John, I mean like it’s it’s uh, every day, every, every.

00:31:30 Richard Davies

Month is is.

00:31:31 Richard Davies

New stuff coming at us right?

00:31:35 Jon Toker

No, I agree with you.

00:31:36 Jon Toker

You gotta be up to date and you know and you have that community relationship because you upset one customer.

00:31:42 Jon Toker

Let me you know lots of people right?

00:31:45 Richard Davies

It’s it’s like that in a small town for sure, you know.

00:31:45 Jon Toker

Everybody talks.

00:31:48 Richard Davies

Versus a A.

00:31:48 Richard Davies

Big City where you you know businesses can operate very differently.

00:31:52 Richard Davies

Small towns you’re.

00:31:53 Richard Davies

You know Peter’s in my face is all over every experience, good and bad you know and and that’s something that we take seriously.

00:32:00 Richard Davies

And when we have a challenging poor situation, we just don’t wash your hands a bit.

00:32:05 Richard Davies

We deal with it.

00:32:06 Richard Davies

You know I’m dealing with the person where Peter is dealing.

00:32:08 Richard Davies

With it personally nine out of 10 times.

00:32:11 Richard Davies

We do get.


It fixed.

00:32:13 Richard Davies

Very hard.

00:32:14 Richard Davies

To make everybody happy, I’m sure everyone knows that, but we don’t dis wash our hands with problems.

00:32:19 Richard Davies

We deal with them.

00:32:20 Richard Davies

We don’t once more right.

00:32:22 Jon Toker

That’s that’s that’s really good.

00:32:24 Jon Toker

I, Richard, I know you’re very busy guy and you made this time for me.

00:32:28 Jon Toker

I really appreciate it.

00:32:29 Jon Toker

It’s it’s amazing or in that 30 minute mark.

00:32:32 Jon Toker

I don’t want to take more of your time because I know you’re you’re busy guy with running around, you know, and you’re very hands on guy.

00:32:39 Jon Toker

Uh, before we close up anything you would like to say any kind of suggestions, comments for people watching this, we got about 1415 people watching right now. Live anything you want to say.

00:32:52 Richard Davies

Well, you know I.

00:32:54 Richard Davies

I personally think John, thanks for having me on.

00:32:56 Richard Davies

By the way, it was a fantastic experience this system I’ve ever done it and it was a pleasure and I’d recommend anyone out there thinking.

00:33:03 Richard Davies

Of doing it.

00:33:04 Richard Davies

Spend the 25 minutes with John. It’s so it’s it’s a game changer. So actually a lot of fun, John, you’re a pro and so thank you and Rama.

00:33:12 Richard Davies

Thank you for the question, I hope it answered it properly.

00:33:14 Richard Davies

For you my friend no in.

00:33:16 Richard Davies

Regards to building a dealership.

00:33:19 Richard Davies

Experiencing, you know, being in a storm COVID-19

00:33:24 Richard Davies

Every we’ve gone through a loading cycle John and our process is like the truck controller it, you know, I, I don’t think anyone.

00:33:32 Richard Davies

I think a lot of business could take a hard look at those expenses to it.

00:33:35 Richard Davies

I’m not saying there’s not, but I think with the payoff outweighs the, you know the expense side of it and there’s a lot.

00:33:42 Richard Davies

Of reasons, I think that right?

00:33:44 Jon Toker

Yeah, oh we got we got actually Megan said she she’s the assistant sales manager from Susan Mary our dealership.

00:33:51 Jon Toker

Up there, the Honda dealership and Great Lakes Honda and she said your social media is great.

00:33:57 Jon Toker

So and she’s very active on social media to like herself.

00:34:01 Richard Davies

I’ll tell you something, John, my marketing manager, Kimberly and myself follow Megan, Megan.

00:34:06 Richard Davies

I want to tell you something.

00:34:07 Richard Davies

I think you do an outstanding job.

00:34:09 Richard Davies

You and your team there in a wonderful store and you guys really do perform.

00:34:13 Richard Davies

I notice the same thing and so compliments right back.

00:34:16 Richard Davies

And thank you for your words.

00:34:18 Richard Davies

Means a lot to us and thank you.

00:34:21 Jon Toker

Yeah, the team is doing a phenomenal job.

00:34:23 Jon Toker

I actually been there multiple times and the store is phenomenal.

00:34:27 Jon Toker

Uh, before wrap it up I want to.

00:34:29 Jon Toker

Tell I heard one rumor.

00:34:31 Jon Toker

About you guys in terms of social media that there is a rumor out there that you guys are planning to do weekly live podcasts like this too within your dealership.

00:34:41 Jon Toker

Have been within your customer client base so people can ask questions or make suggestions.

00:34:46 Jon Toker

Is that true or it’s just a rumor?

00:34:48 Richard Davies

Yeah, it’s it’s a great rumor though John, and thanks for bringing up this something.

00:34:52 Richard Davies

We’re going to try.

00:34:52 Richard Davies

I’m going to spend.

00:34:53 Richard Davies

A little bit.

00:34:54 Richard Davies

Time every week.

00:34:54 Richard Davies

I think it’s a great place to be Kim and I’ve we look forward to us and what we’re thinking is is we’re going to do a weekly podcast where, you know, ask the dealer questions.

00:35:04 Richard Davies

I think we’re going to involve all my management team to be honest with you.

00:35:07 Richard Davies

All these podcasts.

00:35:08 Richard Davies

From my sales manager Tyler to my marketing manager, Kim, my service manager, Alan and my parts manager Tanya, and I’m sure there’s lots of other good people.

00:35:18 Richard Davies

I think if we could do this weekly, we could have a lot of fun with the job, but something I want to do to see if I can involve the Community.

00:35:24 Richard Davies

Hopefully it’s going to have some good ramifications to the business.

00:35:28 Richard Davies

I’m excited.

00:35:29 Richard Davies

I, I don’t think there’s a lot of downside to it, but we’ll find out, won’t we, John?

00:35:33 Richard Davies

I mean, I’m I’m looking forward to it.

00:35:35 Richard Davies

I think it’s exciting.

00:35:36 Jon Toker

So how how people gonna be able to find out about your podcast?

00:35:39 Jon Toker

Are you gonna go live on YouTube?

00:35:41 Jon Toker

Is that the plan?

00:35:42 Jon Toker

Like key should people go watch Midland Honda YouTube page Facebook page?

00:35:46 Richard Davies

Yeah, you know what? That’s something that Kim and I are working on as we speak right now. We’re going to want to put it on YouTube.

00:35:51 Richard Davies

We’ll put it out on, you know, every form of social media that we can do.

00:35:55 Richard Davies

We get it out there.

00:35:55 Richard Davies

Certainly something we also do a week level.

00:35:57 Richard Davies

I can see a monthly newsletter that we put into our database of customers.

00:36:01 Richard Davies

John, I’d like to meet some of our customers.

00:36:04 Richard Davies

I’d really like to talk to them and I’m sure I’m going to have someone.

00:36:07 Richard Davies

You know that will be a little bit more challenging.

00:36:09 Richard Davies

That’s this life in the car industry.

00:36:10 Richard Davies

But I think that between customers, potential customers have never done business with us.

00:36:16 Richard Davies

I don’t see anybody else in my marketplace that does this.

00:36:21 Richard Davies

I’m passing any trade secrets along, but I think it’s something I’m going to have some fun with John and see where it goes.

00:36:26 Richard Davies

And maybe we can have a little bit of a spark, some interest in the car industry with people looking, they’ll come to.

00:36:32 Richard Davies

Look in the car industry too.

00:36:33 Richard Davies

You never know.

00:36:34 Jon Toker

Yeah, I think it’s a.

00:36:35 Jon Toker

Great idea and uh, you guys really?

00:36:38 Jon Toker

Should go after that.

00:36:39 Jon Toker

And anything I can do to support I’ll be more than happy to do that.

00:36:43 Jon Toker

But, uh, I’d like to thank everybody watching this today and we got good audience today.

00:36:50 Jon Toker

Actually, people been watching it.

00:36:50 Richard Davies

I feel awful.

00:36:53 Jon Toker

We have people like ramit Megan.

00:36:55 Jon Toker

We got Michael from auto alert actually said great and we have Francine.

00:37:00 Jon Toker

She’s the dealer principal of a Great Lakes Honda so.

00:37:03 Jon Toker

And and H tap Member 2 which is amazing and we have Russell.

00:37:07 Jon Toker

We have David so thank you for watching and commenting it.

00:37:10 Jon Toker

We would like to do these every Wednesdays at 11:00 AM will be going to be live on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube as well as Twitter and next week I’m going to have.

00:37:22 Jon Toker

I’ve been it from.

00:37:24 Richard Davies

It’s not exciting.

00:37:25 Richard Davies

Yes, good guy.

00:37:26 Richard Davies

He’s a gentleman.

00:37:27 Richard Davies

A very good operator down in the Chatham area.

00:37:29 Richard Davies

John yeah so look professional.

00:37:30 Jon Toker

That’s all.

00:37:32 Jon Toker

We’ll see how that one is gonna go next week.

00:37:34 Jon Toker

But yeah, I’m excited to have automotive experts like you.

00:37:37 Jon Toker

And, uh, it’s really good to have because I believe these kind of conversations could maybe help people to understand and maybe learn something from you, right?

00:37:48 Richard Davies

I think so, and I think great people like Francine, by the way, ’cause I’d like to mention her name.

00:37:53 Richard Davies

It’s an honor to have her watching this.

00:37:55 Richard Davies

So there’s a real professional and an outstanding store, and I know that Francine and their team really pushed the boundaries like we try to on new things and and they have great success.

00:38:05 Richard Davies

So it’s an honor to have her watching this today, and I think you’ll have a lot of fun with Todd.

00:38:10 Richard Davies

He’s a real pro, John.

00:38:11 Jon Toker

Yeah, Benny, we’ll see.

00:38:13 Jon Toker

Well, we got Eric said.

00:38:14 Jon Toker

Great job.

00:38:15 Jon Toker

Thanks Eric.

00:38:16 Jon Toker

And Xavier from Honda finance remarketing.

00:38:19 Jon Toker

He’s another car expert too, so thanks everybody for watching.

00:38:23 Jon Toker

Richard really appreciate for your time.

00:38:26 Jon Toker

Hopefully keep in touch all the best.

00:38:28 Jon Toker

You sell lots of cars today.

00:38:29 Richard Davies

Thank you John, appreciate it.

00:38:30 Jon Toker

And if you need anything, my end with helping you with the podcast and stuff.

00:38:34 Jon Toker

I mean, I’m not a pro by any means, but I’ll be more than happy to assist you, OK?

00:38:37 Richard Davies

I will take you up on that ’cause we know nothing we’re learning, so thank you, that’s that’s a that’s a pleasure.

00:38:41 Richard Davies

Thank you, John.

00:38:42 Richard Davies

Thank you everyone for watching any questions.

00:38:44 Richard Davies

Please feel free to call.

00:38:45 Richard Davies

Me anytime by the way, alright?

00:38:46 Jon Toker

What’s your email address?

00:38:47 Jon Toker

By the way, how can?

00:38:48 Jon Toker

People email you.

00:38:48 Richard Davies

Yeah, you know great. So R Davies Davis at you get me at the dealership 7055261344.

00:39:00 Richard Davies

And feel free anytime I’d be delighted to answer questions.

00:39:04 Richard Davies

That’s what.

00:39:05 Richard Davies

We’re all about.

00:39:06 Jon Toker

That’s perfect, thank you very much Richard have.

00:39:08 Jon Toker

A great one, OK?

00:39:09 Richard Davies

Thank you John, appreciate.

00:39:10 Speaker 1

Thanks for watching thanks bye.

00:39:10 Richard Davies

Thank you everybody.

00:39:11 Richard Davies

Alright thank you.