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Cars available with self driving option

You can call them whatever fancies you: self-driving cars, independent cars, or autopiloted rides. But at the end of the day, the point is that they are altering the way we drive — or better yet don’t drive. As tech aspects have continued to challenge the significance of torque and horsepower, people are changing to a new class of vehicles that are linked to smartphones, parallel parking themselves and even braking before an accident can occur.

Tesla Model S Autopilot 


Tesla’s Model S cars contain many invigorating features. It can mechanically maneuver down the highway, change lanes, alter pace in conjunction with traffic conditions and parallel park with just the push of a button. These all-electric fastbacks operate with a mixture of cameras, radars, and sensors, in addition to data gathered from the road, to preserve their autopilot method.

Volvo Intellisafe Autopilot Mode


Volvo’s goal was to position self-driving cars on the road by 2017. These vehicles have the capability to be so independent that drivers have the luxury of streaming HDTV while the car drives itself. The 2016 Volvo XC90 models come with an Intellisafe Autopilot method comparable to technology equipped in the Tesla Model S. Owning up to Volvo’s status as one of the most secure car producers on the market, the XC90 will mechanically brake while driving when it becomes aware of looming traffic.

BMW 7 Series 


The BMW 7 Series has been one of the prior models to highlight self-driving. In terms of the technology, it leans more towards a driving-aid classification versus a complete self-sufficient car. It contains lane departure warning, a mechanical braking system to preclude front-end accidents and smart city cruising to alert pedestrians. In addition, it comes with dynamic cruise control, which allows for a more relaxed ride when stuck in traffic.

Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG 


This top of the line Mercedes comes with driving-aid technology that is comparable to the BMW 7 Series. With its camera placed right into the Mercedes-Benz symbol on the grill, this magnificent two-door lends a hand to drivers so they can stay in the lane and steer clear of front-end collisions. And since this vehicle comes with a camera in the windshield and contains five radar units directing in diverse guidelines, this car is also great at being aware of looming traffic equally nearby and from a farther distance.

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