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Did you know Starbucks in United States actually closes their 7100 stores daily at 5.30 pm for training? Training has the biggest impact to your bottom line. Many times managers blame on their sales staff, however did they even bother giving them the simple training? You can’t expect something that you haven’t invested in.

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Jon Toker is a hardworking, data driven automotive professional who uses traditional sales methods as well as digital solutions to succeed. Motivated automotive business management consultant who draws upon knowledge within the automotive industry and 13+ years experience to ensure maximum customer satisfaction as well as net profit. Adept at tracking revenues and implementing effective sales techniques, as well as expense management by utilizing financial statements. Focused on hiring, training, coaching staff and implementing processes to achieve productivity goals. Some professional highlights are;

We Can Provide all these services to existing car dealerships, new owners or for your future dealership projects.

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We provide affordable, tailored solutions for your business. We have over a decade long experience retailing vehicles. We currently serve Canada and USA only.