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How are car sales doing in Canada for 2018?

2017 has inevitably been a high for the automotive industry as a lot of sales were made in the month of October. According to Desrosiers Automotive Reports, specifically passenger cars are going down in sales and light trucks are going up. This is because people are purchasing more SUVs. Also, we have new luxury brands called Genesis owned by Hyundai. Evidently, they have increased their sales by 90% this year. DesRosiers Automotive advisors claim that yearly car sales are at ease and on route to sail past two million for the first time after another record-setting month.

The consulting firm claims that October sales reached approximately 164,200 vehicles for a 6.3 percent boost from the same month last year. October’s numbers brought total sales this year to about 1.76 million, up 5.6 percent from last year. Looking at General Motors, they sparked sales with a boost of 26.5 percent at 26,847 units. GM’s chief rival Ford followed near behind, with its sales down two percent at 21,068 units. That puts GM within 10,000 units of Ford, the chief grand seller in 2017, for total sales so far this year.


Why the increase in sales?

While vehicle deals in the U.S. keep on struggling, Canada continues to increase. In the U.S., new vehicles and trucks fell 2 percent, denoting the eighth straight month of decay — Canada has seen deals increment as the economy keeps on developing at a superior than-foreseen pace.

Worldwide car deals are additionally ready to set an eighth-continuous yearly record, as indicated by the Scotiabank Global Auto Report. Deals in Canada are anticipated to achieve two million. Record worldwide deals remain in sharp difference to ‘crest auto’ fears that have turned out to be well known with skeptics and show up routinely in media features.

While the vehicle business is recurrent, decreases in worldwide auto deals have generally just happened amid monetary downturns, for example, in 2001, and 2008/2009. Outside of those years, worldwide vehicle deals have reliably moved higher. In the U.S., car sales have decreased this year to some degree because of a sharp decrease in buys via auto rental organizations. In Canada, there have been signs of the economy enhancing, extended work and solid development in the Prairie regions, especially in Alberta, as having added to enhanced automobile deals. Monetary action is substantially more grounded than individuals by and large expected and, specifically, the work showcase has increased critical force. That is extremely the key driver of the car deals viewpoint.

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