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Losing the appraisal losing the deal

Most people don’t know it, but selling the trade is one of the top priorities for anyone buying a car, whether new or used. However, most dealers don’t take this concern seriously when the customer visits them. They either talk them out of trading it in or simply they are not doing a professional appraisal.

Convincing a customer into selling it privately just puts more stress into the transaction, which reduces the chances of successfully captivating a sale. At the end of the day, consumers don’t want to sell their own cars. Even if they can get more money, which in most cases they don’t, the dealer will lose the possibility of earning a second sale.

Dealers should push the opportunity to buy the trades because it not only gives them a chance to sell a car, but it also gives them a second opportunity for a sale.

You should take every trade opportunity, no matter the shape and condition of the car. Remember that no matter how badly the vehicle looks or drives, it brought that customer to you. Be respectful and don’t trash their baby.  Don t ask, “how much do you want for your trade?” and “how much do you owe the bank?” Both are highly irrelevant and entirely unprofessional questions. You have to think, who is the professional here? Neither questions will be helpful to a professional when they are appraising a car in fact by asking this question you are simply asking the customer to set a standard which you may never reach! The car is worth whatever your professional appraisal says its worth. So don’t dig a hole for yourself by asking these questions.

Let’s talk about what you should be doing. The salesperson must start the process by acting as the buyer. He should be the first person who should walk around the car with the owner as if he is buying the car. The idea is to make the customer sell you the car. Ask yourself these questions: How are the breaks? How was it maintained? Did the tires pass safety? Any lights on the dash? Any accidents or have any of the panels been painted? All these are questions that are directed at us by our prospective customers when we are selling a car.

Once the initial walk around is completed the information is then given to the professional appraiser, and the sales manager, who after a brief drive will give out the appraised value.

A professional appraisal will reduce customer anxiety and promote a transparent market-based value of the car. Now you may not win every appraisal but you are going to give yourself the chance to win another deal.

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