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Automotive Consulting and Dealership Training

Services Provided For Automotive Car Dealerships And OEMs.

Consultation for Pre-Owned Car Sales Department

from - $1250 Cad/Month/dealership

 Your used car department has direct impact to your New Car Department, Parts Department as well as Service Department. Therefore it is crucial for franchised car dealerships to have a performing used car operation. 

Consultation for New Car Sales Department

from - $1000 Cad/Month/dealership

Effectively running new car sales department can bring trades, some nice co-op money, helps your service department with PDIs, potential service customers and some nice gross profit

Automotive Staff Recruitment, Head Hunting and Training Services

please contact for custom pricing

Did you know Starbucks in United States actually closes their 7100 stores daily at 5.30 pm for training? Training has the biggest impact to your bottom line. Many times managers blame on their sales staff.

Implement Policies and Procedures in your Automotive Dealership

from - $100 Cad/hr

Yes, we can write your process book and employee manual. Would you like to have your completely custom sales training book? Give us your process and simple road map and we will create your sales handbook. 

Professional Subprime Training and Lead Supply

from - $100 Cad/hr

How many times have you lost a sale because you or someone in your car dealership did not know how to work with a subprime customer? Maybe you failed to do your due diligence and landed a customer on a car for which he was not eligible?

Professional Automotive Digital Advertising Services

from - $500 Cad/Month/CAMPAIGN

Have you ever tried digital advertising? Have you ever checked your website’s traffic? How about the bounce rates? How about where your traffic is coming from? Do you know the difference between organic traffic and paid traffic? 

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We provide affordable, tailored solutions for automotive car dealerships and OEMs. Our results are immediate, long-lasting, and verifiable. Not only we provide consulting but provide training to your staff. Also, accountability is our core value. ROI on our service is the highest in the automotive industry. We currently serve Canada and USA only.