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ThreatTracer: What You Need To Know About Cyberthreat Intelligence If You Have A Business!

Vanessa Serrao August 20, 2018 0 Comment
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These days there are so many businesses and corporations out there that people are unaware of and one of them is ThreatTracer (a cybersecurity company running out of Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone). But, Before we get into what the company is, I’d like to get into the concept of cyberthreat intelligence, and its relevance to businesses in order to get the bigger picture. When it comes to having, maintaining and running a business there are so many things to look out for and one of them is cyberthreat intelligence.

What is Cyberthreat Intelligence?

When it comes to having a business, cyberthreats are actually quite significant in regards to being informed about them. Even if you think your company is not that well known to become a target, you are wrong. Many cyber-attacks were targeted on small corporations. It is crucial to have a successful cyber-security plan intact once you become attentive to the threats that are out there.

 “Threat Intelligence”, permits businesses to go farther than merely just collecting data about these threats, but also comprehending how this data influences the business. It should be reliant on particular data points and prior events so that it can definitive. The real struggle comes specifically when the data is analyzed. If the corporation is not able to withdraw applicable information on attacking, response and remission, the Threat Intelligence was in fact useless.

This goes to show you that cyber attacks, crimes, and threats are a legitimate issue when it comes to the online world and it should be taken seriously and handled immediately.

What is ThreatTracer?

Now that we have gone into what cyberthreat intelligence is and its relevance to businesses, now we can guide our attention to the company ThreatTracer as a service provider. ThreatTracer is a Cybersecurity company that shields its consumers from the financial distress of data discontinuity by providing effective and driven Cybersecurity Solutions. This company offers cybersecurity solutions for your corporation with the ultimate security practices in order to stop being responsible for lawsuits from certain industries and people like customers, consumers, and government agencies. Contingent on where you are located, industry, size, and corporation operations you have specific rules that your business must abide by when gathering and safeguarding customer information. ThreatTracer provides discourse to guarantee that your business is 100 percent accommodating. Founder of ThreatTracer is Shimon Brathwaite who is multi-skilled as he is a Cybersecurity expert that has worked in Cyber Threat Intelligence, Identity and Access Management and in IT Networking. He is also a cybersecurity freelance writer, blogger, and a published author.

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