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What are VDPs and SRPs? And How Would They Affect your Dealerships Used Car Sales Department?

VDPs and SRPs

In the greater than before intricacy of the used car industry, there are a massive amount of new factors that are significant, many of which are outside the range of present administration awareness, such as SRPs and VDPs. SRP stands for Search Results Page and VDP stands for Vehicle Detail Page. When a buyer on a classified marketing site visits a page of inventory coming from a search, and your car happens to be on one of those pages, it forms an SRP. So if they happen to come across your car and find it to be desirable and click on it for more details, this is considered a vehicle detail page, VDP. This evidently matters since an SRP is the near correspondent of a person driving by your dealership and a VDP is the near correspondent of someone coming to you and saying, “I’d like to take a look at that vehicle.” Can you envision managing your dealership with no familiarity with the drive by’s or walk-ins? Well, if you’re not familiar with SRPs and VDPs you’ll be unaware of the near correspondent of these two essential segments of data.

How SRPS and VDPs affect used car sales departments

At the end of the day, establishing the correct pricing tactic is crucial to selling used cars in today’s marketplace. Pricing used cars and re-pricing should primarily be based on SRPs and VDPs you are achieving on your website.  It has evidently turned into a custom approach so that every vehicle you choose for retail is advertised for sale opening on day one with a cutthroat “go-to-market” value. So what does this all mean? That competitively listing your cars to the marketplace will have the capability to attain an instant turn at a reasonable profit.

The idea of sending individuals from show promotions specifically into VDPs is a generally new one, however, it appears to bode well at first glance. Fundamentally, you’re putting an advertisement out there that doesn’t get a huge amount of clicks with respect to PPC or online networking, so every click counts. Individuals won’t tap into these promotions without a genuine intrigue, so is it better to take them the distance in or basically convey them to the entryway? Between unique promotions through organizations like and unadulterated show advertisements, there is no deficiency of information and triumphs to report.

If you would like to know more about how to utilize SRP and VDP metric for your used car sales department, please take a look at the “How Can I Sell More Used Cars” blog or feel free to reach us.

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